Sightseeing in Paris

Day 11 (Sunday)

After sleeping on the train the day before as well as getting a full 8 hours Saturday night, I was very well rested on Sunday. After breakfast, we all met and walked to Notre Dame and went inside. The cathedral was beautiful, but because it was Sunday morning there was a service going on. It felt kind of odd seeing so many tourists (and being one of them) walking around a church while there was a service going on in the middle of it.

Still, seeing the cathedral was a lot of fun, and we all noticed a lot of similarities (as well as big differences) comparing it to the Duomo. After walking around for a little while and taking a few pictures, we all headed back outside and toward the Louvre.

The Louvre in Paris, France

The Louvre was very neat, and although I am not exactly a museum enthusiast, it had all sorts of artifacts and sculptures from all over the world and all eras of time. I can now say I have seen the Mona Lisa and Hammurabi's Code which is cool, but I enjoyed the ancient Egyptian artifacts and some of the other exhibits much more. We stayed in the Louvre for several hours because there was so much to see, but eventually the majority of us headed out into town for crepes and baguettes.

We still had quite a bit of time to kill, so we ate some crepes and bought baguettes that we took to the Eiffel Tower. We went and sat on the grass in front of the Tower and ate for a while, then eventually met up with all the other RSAPers underneath the center of the iconic structure. While we were all waiting for the Tronts, I went ahead and bought an Eiffel Tower souvenir from one of the men selling them. I talked him down quite a bit, because the initial asking prices are fairly ridiculous.

Once the Tronts showed up we went to the top of the tower – a process which took a very long time. The lines to get on the initial elevator were long, and so were the lines to get up and down from the center platform to the top. The view from the Tower was magnificent, but it was also very windy so after a few minutes of enjoying the scenery and taking pictures we were ready to go back down. It took another 30 minutes, at least, to get to the bottom of the tower, so David, Eric, Marc, Steph, Karl and I decided to head back to the hotel.  It turned out to be about a four mile walk, so we realized by the time we got home that we should have taken the metro.

That evening I ordered duck again, and it turned out to be bigger and even better than the previous night. Not much else was going on that night after dinner, so we hung out at the hotel for a few hours.